The Books

Below is a list of my crime novels and those of Harriet Hudson.  Some that are no longer available from the original publishers can often be sourced through or through other formats, large print, audio, and increasingly ebook format.


Classic in the Pits
Crime in the fast lane, starring Jack Colby, car detective

Classic in the pits 2

When Jack Colby hears a rumour that Old Herne’s, the club for aviation and classic car veterans, is closing, he is appalled and attends its annual event with foreboding. His instinct is right. He has been commissioned to investigate the theft of the Porsche car belonging to its manager, the popular Mike Nelson, but now far worse problems threaten the club when brutal murder proves to be on the agenda.

Jack finds himself caught between two rival families, one member of whom is the enigmatic star of a tribute band. What role does he play in the case – and why the missing Porsche and the club owner’s beloved Morgan affect it? In his quest for the truth, Jack crosses the path of a notorious gang leader and soon murder strikes again.

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Murder in Abbot’s Folly
Amy Myers

Curiosity about a murder that took place in an eighteenth-century folly draws father and daughter team Peter and Georgia Marsh to attend a summer gala in honour of Jane Austen at Stourdens, a fast decaying Georgian mansion in Kent. But instead of enjoying a literary day out, they are thrust into a tense situation rapidly approaching boiling point. In the search for the truth about the earlier murder, Georgia is pitchforked into danger as it once again strikes at Stourdens.

‘An enjoyable read: historical interest, multiple suspects and a pair of likable sleuths.’ – Kirkus Reviews

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Tom Wasp and the Newgate Knocker
Amy Myers

When Victorian chimney sweep Tom Wasp visits Newgate prison on the day before the execution of his friend Eliza Hogg in January 1863, she gives him a memento – a pawn ticket. All it redeems seems to be a sailor doll. Its contents, however, set Tom not only in the midst of the two most notorious gangs in East London, but at the heart of a tense international political situation. What Tom cares about most, though, is who killed the housemaid found dead in the park on a cold January morning.

‘A winning historical series with an engaging protagonist’ – Library Journal Starred Review.

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Tomorrow’s Garden
Harriet Hudson

Tomorrow's Garden

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Anna Fontenay returns to fulfil the last wishes of her husband by restoring the rose gardens around the ruins of Fontenay Castle. She reckons without the determination of two men: Hugo Brooks who rents the house built to replace the old castle, and Joss Foxley, the enigmatic gardener. When a skeleton is unearthed, Anna is thrown back into an age-old feud that still rages.


The Man Who Came Back
Harriet Hudson

When Tom Burdock turns up on Emma Cardale’s doorstep a nightmare scenario opens up before her, as he was the husband of her best friend Laura and is still suspected of having murdered his wife seven years earlier.

Emma is torn between Jack Scarlet with whom she lives so happily and what she is hearing from Tom. Which of them can she trust?




Other crime novels by Amy Myers

Classic Mistake (Jack Colby)
Classic in the Clouds (Jack Colby)
Classic Calls the Shots (Jack Colby)
Classic in the Barn (Jack Colby)
Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner (Tom Wasp)
Murder on the Old Road (Marsh & Daughter)
Murder Takes the Stage(Marsh & Daughter)
Murder in the Mist(Marsh & Daughter)
Murder and the Golden Goblet (Marsh & Daughter)
Murder in Hell’s Corner (Marsh and Daughter)
Murder in Friday Street (Marsh & Daughter)
The Wickenham Murders (Marsh & Daughter)
Murder with Majesty (Auguste Didier)
Murder in the Queen’s Boudoir (August Didier)
All published by Severn House, UK and US and most available as ebooks and audio’

Murder in Pug’s Parlour
Murder in the Limelight
Murder at Plum ‘s
Murder at the Masque
Murder Makes an Entrée
Murder under the Kissing Bough
Murder in the Smokehouse
Murder in the Music Hall
Murder in the Motor Stable
All published by  Headline in UK ; in the US the first four were published by Avon , and Nos. 5 and 7 by St Martin ‘s Press.

All now available as ebooks.

Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner
Tom Wasp and the Newgate Knocker
Published by Five Star, US.

Murder ’Orrible Murder: a collection of short stories
Crippen and Landru, US

That’s The Way He Did It, a collection of short stories
Ebook available on Kindle and epub

Victorian Villainies
Georgian Villainies

Many of my current novels and some of my earlier ones are now available as ebooks, or see my Amazon page.

Other websites you might find of interest are the Crime Writers Association , The Crime Readers Association,, Mystery People,, Mystery Readers’ Journal,,, Pauline Rowson at, Judith Cutler, and Edward Marston at .


Short stories by Amy Myers appear in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (edited by Janet Hutchings), Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (edited by Linda Landrigan), Strand Magazine, Best British Mysteries series and Best British Crime series (both edited by Maxim Jakubowski), Mammoth Book collections edited by Mike Ashley, and the Crime Writers’ Association anthologies (edited by Martin Edwards).

Most recently stories have been included in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, edited by Janet Hutchings, January 2014, Best British Crime (Best British Mysteries) Vol 10,2013, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, and Guilty Consciences, CWA anthology published by Martin Edwards.


Harriet’s Novels (and not forgetting Laura and Alice)

The Man Who Came Back
Applemere Summer
The Stationmaster’s Daughter
The Windy Hill
Catching the Sunlight
Tomorrow’s Garden
To My Own Desire
Into the Sunlight
Not in our Stars
All published by Severn House

Look for me by Moonlight
When Nightingales Sang
The Sun in Glory
The Wooing of Katie May
The Girl from Gadsby’s
All published by Headline and shortly to be ebooked.

Pleasant Vices (Laura Daniels)
The Lakenham Folly (Laura Daniels)

The Last Summer (Alice Carr)
Dark Harvest (Alice Carr)
Winter  Roses (Harriet Hudson)
Songs of Spring (Harriet Hudson)

The above four are a quartet of novels set on the home front in World War One.