Welcome to my website and blog. On my website you’ll find information about my crime novels and short stories – and also a little about my alter ego Harriet Hudson. Under that pen-name I write suspense, sagas and historical novels. My novels are published in hardback and trade paperback, and many of them are available as ebooks, in large print and audio.

Classic Cashes INOn the blog you’ll find my latest news about all my novels, together with more about their background subjects, whether they are historical or contemporary.

My current novel is the sixth in my Jack Colby series, Classic Cashes In. Car detective Jack Colby has his own website and blog www.jackcolby.co.uk. My website will tell you about his books, his own concentrates on his main passion in life (excluding his love life of course) classic cars, both those that star in his recorded cases and any others that take his fancy. My husband Jim runs the site for him, however. Classic Cashes In is now published and its successor, Classic in the Dock, will follow next year. Non car lovers take heart, however; the novels are not solely devoted to cars. Far from it.

My other contemporary series, the Peter and Georgia Marsh novels, rarely have a car in sight; they investigate unsolved cases from the past which dramatically affect the present. The most recent, now available as an ebook and in trade paperback is Murder in Abbot’s Folly which has a puzzle about Jane Austen at its heart. And yes, it is about the ‘missing years’ in her recorded life story and does centre on a possible love affair in Kent.

I also write both novels and short stories in the historical field. Most of the novels of my first series sleuth Auguste Didier, Victorian master chef, are currently available as ebooks, and his short stories appear in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

Do please explore my website and blog through the menu above. I hope you enjoy them. I can be contacted via email at a.myers.author@gmail.com.